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We are a team of dedicated and expert IT professionals in Kathmandu. Our digital services such as graphic design, digital marketing, video editing, and web development/design services are specially customized for you. Try us and get the result.
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About Us
About Us
30+ Years of

Kathmandu InfoTech

is a customer-focused digital agency located in Kathmandu, Nepal. We offer different kinds of IT services such as Web Design/Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, System/Software Development, Mobile App Development, and others. You must have realized that getting digitalized is a must and to satisfy that need, we offer you all the digital services in one place.

We ensure that we meet our client’s needs by listening to them and advising them on the best deal. Attracting and maintaining customers is a big deal for businesses and we ensure that we will build the best digital platform for you to attract customers.

We understand that businesses differ in terms of size, nature, products and services, and target customers. Different Businesses have different requirements in the digital platform and we are here to serve them all.

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